Yakitori & Miso-onigiri Class

    10am - 1:30pm

   ¥8,000 / person

The fee includes VAT 10%


We often see Japanese people drinking after work at an “Izakaya” (casual Japanese drinking bar) and eat yakitori.  Usually you can choose the flavor, which is either salt or soy-based sauce. In this class, you will learn how to make it with the sauce.  


Onigiri is a classic Japanese food and it's popular among all generations. You can see many varieties of onigiri at convenient stores. This Miso-onigiri is also one kind of onigiri and it's quite common in Japan. The dish is shaped with your hands. It may look easy but once you try it, you will see that it isn’t quite as easy as you think. I will give you some tips and show you how to prepare it nicely.

Tofu with homemade sesame dressing

Tofu is a nutritious food which is made from beans. We can cook this tofu but also nice to have it just as it is. This is a very simple and quick dish. You will learn how to make homemade sesame dressing which goes well with tofu salad.

Miso soup

Miso is made by fermenting soybeans and it has a lot of health benefits. Miso soup comes in many varieties and it is something we eat every day. You can basically put any vegetables in it. What we will put in each class will change depending on available vegetables from the market.

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