ramen and gyoza class




¥8,000 + VAT 10% / person

Time: 10am (2.5~3.5 hours)


Not many families make ramen soup from scratch as it is easy to get the soup paste at a local supermarket. But my mother used to make ramen with chicken bones and a lot of vegetables and it tastes so much better! I will share my family recipe in this class.  

Gyoza (Japanese dumpling)

You will learn how to make the gyoza skin from scratch, the technique of wrapping with gyoza skin and how to cook it crispy.  

Side dish

You will learn how to make simple and tasty side dish.


  • We do not make ramen noodle from scratch in this class.

  • The vegetables for the side dish we use on the day differs according to season and availability at the market.

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japanese home cooking class