Private Classes

Private class is for people...

-who want to have a small class for a special event. (team building, baby shower, etc)

-who want to be flexible with their time and menu. (Please inquire if you want to learn some other menus which is

  not on the list)

-who want to learn on a one-on-one.

-who want to have a combination of Japanese language and Cooking class.

-who have children under 6 years old. Children under 6 are free.

1 person    ¥30,000 / class   

2 people   ¥33,000 / class  

3 people   ¥36,000 / class 

4 people   ¥39,000 / class 

5 people   ¥42,000 / class 

6 people   ¥45,000 / class 

* All the fees include VAT 10%

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