Nariko's Kitchen Japanese Cooking Class in Tokyo 1

Today I'm going to introduce you Japanese food called "Korokke (コロッケ)". Many of my guests who come to my cooking class ask me what my favorite Japanese food is. Well, this is not traditional Japanese food but I can say Korokke already became a part of Japanese foods and this is my favorite. Many of you probably know Sushi, Tempura, etc. But there are so many foods that we eat daily. Some foods were influenced by other countries like Japanese language which is written in Katakana. This Korokke is one of them. When I was working at a high school in New Zealand as a Japanese teacher, I made Sushi and Korokke with my students for a school festival. It was sold out quickly! This dish is something you can cook with people who has no cooking experience because it's very simple to make. It's simple but each family has their own taste. In Nariko's Kitchen, I will teach you my home taste!