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¥6,500 + VAT 10% / person

Time: 10am (2.5~3.5 hours)

Nerikiri (5 designs)

This Japanese confection is served at a tea ceremony. It is made of white beans and shaped beautifully. You will make 5 designs of nerikiri learning how to add colors and how to shape it with nerikiri tools. 

Note :

  • The Nerikiri dough will be prepared by the instructor before the class. But the easy recipe will be given for Nerikiri dough. ​

  • I recommend you to trim your nails for this class as making Nerikiri with long nails can be difficult.


Matcha is a finely ground green tea powder made from the young and nutrient rich leaves of green tea plant. You have probably tasted matcha latte or matcha ice cream before but in this class, we will make pure matcha tea. No sugar, no milk. The matcha tea will accompany the delicious nerikiri we made. 

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