Nerikiri Basics Class

10am - 4pm

(Half an hour lunch break)

¥30,000 (includes VAT 10%) / person

Nerikiri is a Japanese confection, commonly served at tea ceremonies. It is made of Shiroan (白餡; white bean paste) and Gyuhi (求肥; mochi). We add colors and create various motifs and shapes such as plants or animals.


In this class, you will learn...

1 . How to make nerikiri dough from beans (traditional way) .

2. How to add colors.

3. How to wrap anko (red bean paste) with nerikiri dough.

4. How to use nerikiri tools.

5. How to make 6 designs using different techniques.


Making Nerikiri dough from scratch usually takes long time. In this class, I will demonstrate to you the main steps of making Nerikiri dough - including soaking the beans, removing the bean skin, etc. I will show you step by step using the prepared soaked beans etc., but explain and show you how it is actually prepared. 

Please let me know in the inquiry form about your preferred dates. If your preferred dates are not available, I will suggest alternative dates.​

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