Nerikiri Dough Class

 (3~4 hours)

If you apply for...

 1 person   ¥30,000 + VAT 10% / person   

2 people   ¥17,000 + VAT 10% / person 

3 people   ¥12,000 + VAT 10% / person 

4 people   ¥10,000 + VAT 10% / person 

Nerikiri is a Japanese confection, commonly served at tea ceremonies. It is made of Shiroan (白餡; white bean paste) and Gyuhi (求肥; mochi). We add colors and create various motifs and shapes such as plants or animals.


In this class, you will learn...

1. How to make nerikiri dough from beans (traditional way) .

2. How to add colors.

3. How to wrap anko (red bean paste) with nerikiri dough.

4. How to use nerikiri tools.

5. How to make 1 design (2 pieces) using basic techniques.


  • To learn more designs and techniques, please attend "Nerikiri & Matcha class".

  • Making Nerikiri dough from scratch usually takes long time. In this class, I will demonstrate to you the main steps of making Nerikiri dough - including soaking the beans, removing the bean skin, etc. I will show you step by step using the prepared soaked beans etc., but explain and show you how it is actually prepared. 

  • I recommend you to trim your nails for this class as making Nerikiri with long nails can be difficult.

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