Katsu Curry Class

    10am - 1pm

   ¥8,000 / person 

The fee includes VAT 10%

Japanese curry

Japanese curry is everyone's favorite from children to adults. It's great when you have guests over but you don't have much time to prepare. It's super easy and tasty! At supermarkets you can find many brands of "curry base". I often see these curry bases in the countries I visit. So you can easily recreate it back in your countries.

Pork Cutlet

Curry is tasty enough to eat just as it is but if you eat with a pork cutlet, it's even better. "katsu " means "win" in Japanese so some Japanese people eat this cutlet before an important exam or a sports match for good luck.


We will use curry base to make Japanese curry which is what Japanese people usually do. In this class we do not make the curry from spices.

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