¥8,000 + VAT 10% / person

Morning Class10am : every day

Evening Class: 4pm : Friday, Saturday, Sunday 

Duration: 2.5~3.5 hours

1~6 people

Handmade udon

You will learn how to make udon from scratch. We will use our feet to knead the dough because the dough is quite hard. You might be surprised to hear it but this is the traditional Japanese way of making it. Don’t worry, it’s all very hygienic! We will cover the dough with a plastic bag.  


You will learn how to prepare shrimp and vegetables for tempura, how to fry it and how to display it beautifully on a plate. And taste it with matcha salt.  Tempura usually consists of seafood or vegetables that have been battered  and deep fried.   

Side dish

You will learn how to make simple and very tasty side dish.


  • We will use dashi sachet which is easy to use for udon soup. The one we use in this class is good quality and contains no MSG. This dashi sachet can be used for many things like miso soup and other Japanese cooking. Most of my guests buy it after the class as a souvenir.

  • We will use tempura flour for tempura batter. 

  • Both dashi sachet and tempura flour are commonly used in most Japanese homes. Enjoy learning how Japanese people usually prepare these items. 

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