Decorative Sushi Qualification class

                Grade 3...3 designs / 3 hours × 1 day / ¥18,360 (includes VAT 10%) / person

                  Grade 2...11 designs / 5 hours × 2 days /¥64,800 (includes VAT 10%) / person

                 Grade 1... 9 designs / 5 hours × 2 days /¥86,400 (includes VAT 10%) / person

                  Please refer the designs for each grade.

Rolled Sushi was born in the Edo era and it spread all over Japan. As it spread, people in different regions of Japan have experimented with its ingredients and looks. In the Chiba prefecture for example, they rolled sushi with natural motifs. Continuing this tradition, people now prepare cute decorative sushi with flowers, animals or popular cartoon character motifs. 


This kind of sushi is suitable for celebration or parties. You will get a lot of attention from people for sure! 

Once you pass the exam after taking all the courses for grades 3,2 and 1, you will be able to work as an instructor. Now over 1,800 people are Japanese cooking instructors, conduct regular cooking classes and are active at international cultural events or food festivals in Japan (and others work abroad). You can register with the JSIA (Japan Sushi Instructors Association) and become eligible to conduct the same qualification courses.  (It is written in Japanese)

The certificate will be issued from the JSIA after you take the course and it will be delivered to your home address.

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