¥8,000 + VAT 10% / person

Morning Class10am : every day

Evening Class: 4pm : Saturday, Sunday 

Duration: 2.5~3.5 hours

1~6 people

 Are you curious what Japanese people eat daily? In this class, you will learn authentic Japanese home cooking.

There are 15 dishes to choose from. Please choose  2 dishes from the options below and write your choice of menus on an inquiry form.

After the class, I will take you to a supermarket (optional, morning class only) and show you the variety of ingredients so you get the idea of the whole process from buying ingredients to cooking and eating!


1. Gyoza
We will use ready made gyoza skin. If you want to learn handmade skin from scratch, please take "Ramen & Gyoza Class".

2. Okonomiyaki

This is Japanese savory pancake.

3. Teriyaki fish

The fish will vary according to the seasons.

4. Karaage

5. Tempura

The vegetables and seafood will vary according to the season.

6. Croquette

Many guests ask me what's my favorite. This is my favorite!

7. Nikujaga

8. Miso eggplants stir- fry

9. Simmered Eggplant

10. Stir-Flied burdock

11. Marinated spinach with sesame seeds

12. Dried radish with deep fried tofu

13. Hijiki seaweed and deep fried tofu

14. Marinated cucumber and seaweed with vinegar sauce

15. Marinated vegetables with tofu sauce


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