Bento class


    10am - 1:30pm

   ¥8,000 / person  

  The fee includes VAT 10%

Bento means Japanese-style packed lunch. In Japan we usually bring a Bento box to school or work. Each family has a different style so sometimes we swap food from each others' bento and enjoy a different taste from their home. Making bento is usually the work of the mother in Japan and some moms struggle to have their children eat their food. So they created cute bento decorative motifs using popular cartoon or animal characters. In this class, we will make this "kawaii" (cute) bento. It is not only for children but for adults too!


In this class, you will learn how to make these dishes that we will use to make decorative motifs in the bento box:

  - Omuraisu (ketchup fried rice with chicken and covered with eggs)

  - meat roll with some vegetables

  - macaroni salad

  - apple curving

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