Meeting point...Nippori Station  (JR Yamanote Line / Keisei Skyliner) 

*We will inform you of the exact location and meeting time once you register for your preferred class.

From Ueno...4 min (Yamanote line) / 20~30 min on foot 

From Shibuya...30 min (Yamanote line)

From Shinjuku...20 mins (Yamanote line)

From Narita Airport...35 min (Keisei Skyliner)

                                          50 min (Narita SKY Access Line)

                                          66 min (Keisei Main Line)

Things to do in Nippori


1.Nippori Fabric Town (日暮里繊維街)

At Nippori Fabric Town you will find an amazing array of textiles, buttons & everything for sewing & crafting. Dating back to the early Taisho period (1910s), the Nippori Textile district has been Tokyo’s fabric town and offers every fabric and sewing tool imaginable. The approximately 100 stores cater for both personal hobbyists and wholesale buyers. Take your time exploring each shop.


2.Yanaka traditional street (谷中商店街)

It’s only 5 minutes walk from Nippori station to this traditional area where you can enjoy a retro and warm atmosphere. There is also a lovely staircase leading to this street where you can see the sunset and the nice view of the town. Several lovely shops can be spotted in the area. You can get some lovely souvenirs and snacks. It's a cool pedestrian street surrounded by quiet neighborhoods. A pleasant walk from Ueno Park. There are not many restaurants open during lunchtime so it is recommended to go after our cooking class for dessert or shopping.


3.Nezu shrine(根津神社)

You might know 1000 torii (sacred arch) in Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine in Kyoto but there is one here in Nippori as well. It is believed that by walking through the torii from north to south, evil spirits can be driven away.

4. Many Many Temples!

There are many temples which worth visiting. It used to be a tourist place among Japanese people as it's a historical place but recently more and more foreign tourists visit and becoming a new tourist spot.

5. Ueno Park (上野公園)

You can walk from Nippori to Ueno park. It takes only 20-30 minutes. Along the way, there are many museums and historical places to visit. 

​  Accomodation

Ryokan Sawanoya (18 minutes on foot)

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