3D Art Jelly Class

10am - 4pm (Max 6 hours)

If you apply for...

  1 person   ¥35,000 + VAT 10% / person   

2 people   ¥30,000 + VAT 10% / person 

  3 people   ¥25,000  + VAT 10% / person 

4 people   ¥20,000 + VAT 10% / person 

3D Art Jelly cake originates in Peru where it is traditionally made for celebrations. This cake is made with gelatin or seaweed jelly powder and we will use specific tools to inject colorful motifs into a clear base.


You will make one large and two small cakes in this class. 

In this course, you will learn...

1. How to make the transparent jelly base.

2. How to make jelly ink using organic color powder.

3. How to make the jelly tasty.

4. How to inject the motifs and make beautiful designs using different techniques.

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